First things First, please

watch-your-tongue.jpgZephaniah 1:6 caught my attention this morning:   ….those who have not sought the LORD nor inquired for, inquired of, and required the LORD [as their first necessity].

Ask the LORD first!  Seek the LORD first!  He is the Ultimate Necessity!

A situation came up years and years ago when people did not inquire of the LORD first, but instead, inquired of myself and my brothers.  My parents were divorcing and the dirt mongers were eager for a good story.  The most blatantly annoying comment was, “I just want to know how to pray — can you tell me what happened?”

Gee, how about praying:  Lord, bless this family as it goes through these challenges.  Father, bring healing and restoration into their hearts and minds — may this draw them closer to You!  May Your Name be mighty and powerful all the days of their lives, and may they give You glory for bringing them through, in the Name of Jesus.
That was pretty easy, huh?

I often find myself looking around at other believers who are struggling with the storms of life, and I pray that their ears will be shut to what is truly just gossip cloaked in  false Christianity.  I pray that wagging tongues will not be able to reach in and scar their hearts…that those who have a hunger to hear the “dirt” will suddenly become disgusted by the reality of what they are craving and that they will instead want to rush to Abba to make things right.

I have a handful of very trustworthy prayer warriors that I call upon from time to time.  The best thing about each of them is that they point the way back to Jesus.  With one friend in particular, our goal is to spend at least one day praying about the situation before we bring it to the table for discussion.  Then, once the issue is shared, we pray again and ask for wisdom in how to proceed.   We’ve all seen the damage that gossip causes and we know that it takes wisdom to know when to share and when to shut up.  🙂

Another friend’s motto is, “God is my/your defender!” Which is a good thing to remember when under attack and the desire to set the record straight is especially strong!    And another says, “Okay, let’s just agree to be mad about this for the next half hour or so — and then we’ll pray about it, calm down, and move on.”   That one always makes me smile….I just need a half hour of Epic Volcanic Eruption to blow off all the steam and then I’m ready to clean up the mess for a fresh start.

In whatever way we cope, it needs to start with prayer.  When we see or hear of controversies or challenges in the lives of others, we need to take it to Jesus before we take it anywhere else.  He is the best Filter of what is Truth and what is just malarky and manipulation.  (and No, “malarky” is not a homeschooler word —  I heard it from my kinfolk in Arkansas and liked it.  Sums it up pretty well.)

This entry is kinda heavy  so let me end it with the “happy feet” verses from Zephaniah:
The Lord your God is in the midst of you, a Mighty One, a Savior [Who Saves]!  He will rejoice over you with joy; He will rest [in silent satisfaction] and in His love He will be silent and make no mention [of past sins, or even recall them]; He will exault over you with singing!

Anybody else hear music playing?

Gotta love Him!

Legalism vs. Walking In Favor

Lots of things on my mind today….

so many people in need of prayer — especially a baby girl named Ameila and a young lady named Laura…and my oldest son…

I also read what has often been a favorite website this morning.  Instead of enjoying the varied comments from the moms, I found myself feeling sick to my stomach.  They were speaking out against parents who allow their homeschooled child to attend high school.  The argument is pretty much the same “If God called me to do this in the first place, why would I consider giving up now?”  Of course, it’s worded differently — but the underlying “ick” of it is legalism. 

Do they know what is in the hearts of the families who make those decisions?  They may think they do, but only God knows the real truth.  Why do they doubt that God might call a family to do that?  Why do they doubt the confirmation of peace that the parents feel?  Yes, it is truly wonderful if they are concerned — but how about PRAYING?  

But you know….that’s what we frail humans do.

We critique, discuss, fuss, debate, and talk about it with everyone — MORE than we spend time actually praying.

Ouch is all I can say!   Looking in the mirror is never fun.

 Yes, I’ve been praying this morning — praying that I’ll have the right words to say when things are said that annoy and irritate me.  May I always suggest that we pray about it before I launch into a sermon!!!

On the other side of life, yesterday was Walking In Favor Day!

After a quick trip to the Big City to take care of medical and financial needs for my brother, I took one of my youngest sons to enroll in — yes, you guessed it — the public high school!  GASP!!!!

Earlier in the summer we had discussed it, even though both older and younger siblings will not attend public school.  This boy is different. 🙂  When the idea was initially proposed to me, my response was, “Of course!  That makes perfect sense! That’s exactly what is supposed to happen!” When my husband came home, we discussed it — and his reaction was the same.  Out of all our children, this one can handle it, this one can be a blessing, this one can begin what God has called him to do!

I did have him take tests to help him see where he’s at and what he’ll have to work on, but it really wasn’t about his academic ability.  He is a servant-hearted leader.  He is called to be there “for such a time as this.”  

Did I ever think I’d feel this way?  Nope!  Not at all!  In fact, my original  plan was that once they were out of public school, they’d never go back.  🙂  As always, God says, “Oh yeah?”  and I comply with His plan, which is always and forever better than anything I could come up with!

Anyway, back to the enrollment process — which took about 2 hours….

The first person we saw there was my dear friend and prayer partner, Ruth.  She is beautiful — inside and out.  She helped us gather all the necessary paperwork.  The second person we dealt with was the coach/drivers’ ed teacher that most of the other kids had when they took the summer driving courses.  He was so complimentary of all the kids — and you know how we moms love to hear good words about our children!  The third person was the counselor who had given the reading exams required by our state before students can enter the summer driving course.  Again, she was excited to see yet another of the “herd”.     What a blessing to know that my son already has supportive adults watching out for him in this new environment!

So…if you are opposed to public school or homeschool, then pray for us!