The Dangers of Home Education

At our homeschool,  we are studying Oklahoma History.  When we were listening to a lecture about the Vikings (Heavener Runestone, look it up online and tell me why a Viking would come all the way to Oklahoma!) there was a particular weapon that intrigued us all.  Being G I Joe afficianados, we like a good weapon.  There is a Viking record that says they were attacked by Indians, who threw something “about the size of a sheep’s stomach” at them, which exploded and scared the Vikings back. 

What in the world could THAT be?jungle-crazy-logo.gif


During our arrowhead hunt yesterday, our intrepid guide, Mr. White, mentioned that calcium carbide and water form acetylene — and that perhaps it could be an option to consider in trying to figure out what the “Native American Grenade” consisted of.  Hmmmm….

Well, with the intoxicating powers of the internet and help from The Baking Baker lady’s memory, I found this little gem on Wikipedia:

It is still used in the Netherlands and Belgium for a traditional custom called Carbidschieten (Shooting Carbide). To create an explosion, carbide and water are put in a milk churn with a lid. Ignition is usually done with a torch. Some villages in the Netherlands fire multiple milk churns in a row as an oldyear tradition. The old tradition comes from the old pagan religion to chase off spirits.

It is used in toy cannons (see Big-Bang Cannon.)

Be still my beating heart!
An opportunity to make something go KaBoom?????  It is the dream of every homeschooling boy across the world!!!!  (and a few of the homeschooling moms, too)

If it involves mud, dirt, animals, explosions, or excessive noise, WE WILL BE THERE.