Izzy turns 17

Today is Israel’s 17th Birthday!

It was during the time of Desert Storm and I wasn’t sleeping well.  I’d stay up all night and watch the news releases about our soldiers then go to work each day, bleary-eyed and tired.   I was praying, in particular, for one young man who had been captured.  It was such a joy when he was finally brought to safety by our troops!

I’d spent the last two days walking in the woods behind our house, trying to “get the show going” with all that walking.  What I failed to consider was the size of a pregnant woman’s bladder versus the walk back up to the house.  I also failed to consider that those large Tarzan-esque vines that wrapped around the trees were not harmless.  Poison ivy and Poison Oak are not my friends.  They attacked when I was at my most vulnerable.  Sigh….

Nevertheless, with much reading of the Psalms and hours of prayer, little Israel Josiah came into the world.  Josiah was my favorite of all the Israelite kings, and Israel came from my childhood crush on Darby Hinton who played Israel Boone on the old Daniel Boone TV series.   (pretty sure it was Darby Hinton, he was a cutie)  We did have several people ask us if we were making a political statement by naming our son Israel.   Seemed pretty lame-o to tell them the reason behind his name!

Now that I know even more about the nation of Israel, the more I realize that God Himself used His divine sense of humor to help us name Izzy!  The nation of Israel is the Ultimate Come Back Kid!  With everything stacked against them, they continue to persevere.  They are a nation of achievers, with numerous Nobel prizes, scientific discoveries, medical breakthroughs, and amazing technological advances.   

Not a bad legacy behind a kid’s name, huh?

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!


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