Itty Bitty Baby Boy

new baby printLots of changes around here — most of them being DIAPERS!

Grandbaby #3 was born a week ago and we’ve all spent hours cuddling him.  So many things are different this time…GB3 (Grandbaby #3) has a sweet mom who enjoys having our multitude of kids come over and play “pass around the baby”!  Her mother, who is from New York, is also very generous about sharing — even though she knows we’ll have the lions’ share of time with GB3 after she leaves.   

This has been almost stress-free, with the exception of a little health scare that required a last minute c-section…and, in the midst of all that, I met a very interesting woman at the hospital whose musical family played with the “Old Timers” of country music.  (I’m not very familiar with the music, but I have heard of the names!)

 Additionally, more bridges were mended with ex-family members.  Seems there was concern that I might harbor ill feelings for the past — but, when we began sharing stories of Grandma Chelsea — the doorways of communication burst wide open.   Grandma Chelsea’s youngest son (my oldest son’s paternal uncle) had never sat in on a birthing before — 🙂  he was able to experience the long hours in the waiting room — the girls giggling, the boys teasing, and the family praying.  There were several times he said he should leave, yet I could tell he simply wanted to be asked to stay.  Apparently my “tribe” understood that, too — and they’d beg him to wait just a little longer.  He did!  He even became brave enough to stop by unannounced.

So, itty bitty baby boy has already brought about some sweet changes….


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