Scrapbooking, Interruptions, & Cheap Therapy

Okay, since the latest solar flare in our house, I’ve made a few happy changes:

one thing is that I am giving myself a little time each day (it varies) to work on my scrapbooking.  The first several days it was just the drudgery of sorting through everything & getting it reorganized after taking it all to our friend’s house to work on the birthday album for her husband.  Now that it’s pretty well sorted and I know what I’m missing 😉 I can move ahead to work on actual pages.   **Kinda fun that I found 3 albums (empty) that I didn’t realize I have!  Woo Hoo!  I can get some stuff done with those!***

This morning I saw that I had started 4 pages for the quickie album for 1998.  Yeah, I know…9 years ago.  I’m that far behind.  sigh.

Back to the good news — so I threw them together real quickly and gave myself permission to make them “good enough” rather than Magazine Worthy.   🙂  I ended up having to drive the tool truck to the ranch — which was a pain in a lot of parts of my body because it is so stinkin’ sensitive about the clutch — and I missed a few hours at home.  Bummer.

Once I DID get back, we had lunch and I started the next round of chores.  DaughterNumberTwo left for work, the boys arrived, and after we’d had a bit of a chat, I retreated to my room to put up the scrapbooking stuff that was on my bed.  I realized that I had a handful/stack of photos that were actually sorted into the correct events, so I pulled out my POWER LAYOUT box.

(hear the drumroll?)

It’s basically a pizza box filled with cardstock in the same size as 12X12 pages.  There are probably 50 sheets in there.

So I went through the pictures & took how many ever would fit on a page and placed them atop one sheet of cardstock — then I got the next how many ever pictures and did the same.  I ended up getting the entire stack of photos sorted by page.


I came to the kitchen to rummage through the fridge and see what was growing fur — because what WASN’T growing fur was going to be Leftovers for tonight!  CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES!

After I forewarned the majority of the family that it was Leftovers Night, (and they gagged and left the room) I went back to my little haven of paper!  I thought, “Well, it won’t take too long to take a sheet of printed paper for the background…” (coz these are just “good enough” and not MAGAZINE WORTHY) so I went through the sorted photos once again & put a fairly decently corresponding piece of paper in with it.  That went well — and SonNumberThree:Who-is-in-love took that as the golden opportunity to share from the depths of his soul.  “Isn’t she still supposed to be grounded?”  “Why are you letting her get away with that?”  “Do you think I can go spend the weekend with ***The Sweet One’s Extended Family Who Live In Another State***?”

After that moving discussion I realized I had plenty of time to sort through die-cuts and ribbon to accent each page.  “What do you think about me having my own motorcycle?”  “Do you think my muscles are getting bigger?”  “Don’t you think ***The Sweet One*** is amazing?”  “I promise I won’t run off to marry her unless you guys are really, really bugging me!”

When SonNumberThree’s voice gave out, I quit.  All I have to do now is to adhere everything to the pages…(which can be done when another kid needs to share their life revelations with me)…

but when it comes to journaling, I’m waiting until the house is EMPTY!


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