Crazy old Lady, living in a log cabin filled with cats, books, and classical music…

laughing cat & dogI never thought I’d want to have kids.  God grinned.

I planned on being the crazy old lady who lived in a log cabin in Colorado, the famous author whose house was filled with cats, musty books, and plenty of classical music — maybe some Jazz & Blues thrown in to spice things up.    It sounded like a plan!   God shook His head and rolled His eyes.

Hormones hit.  Nobody mentioned hormones.  Nobody prepared me for what they’d do to my plan.  I ended up married, living in a house with no running water, and wondering why birth control pills kept making me vomit.  Every day — for an entire year.  That was especially not fun when there’s no indoor toilet.   I went to the doctor.  He said I was 3 months pregnant.  I thought they were birth CONTROL pills.  The doctor said they don’t work for everyone.  

 Less than 2 years later, I was divorced, living in an apartment with my NumberOneSon, some parakeets, a couple of puppies, a lot of books, and music ranging from Classical to kids’.  Close enough.  I smiled.   I liked having my little buddy.  We called ourselves the Two Musketeers.

A couple of more years passed and I met a man who greatly annoyed me.  I had no choice but to marry him.  He needed to suffer.   I had to move the pets outside, due to his allergies.  I kept NumberOneSon inside….but we would occasionally sneak in some wildlife.  (baby skunks, a coyote pup, a catfish, etc.)

Knowing how untrustworthy birth control pills are, we began using other methods of keeping life simple.  For every ‘method’, I had a child.  The last — most effective form of birth control — resulted in twins.  God laughed.

I’m learning that when God wants something, He will get it.  He is not a slave to statistics.  He is not hindered by science.  He is also fully aware that when He gets what HE wants, I’ll be deliriously happy, too.

Who’da thunk it?



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