Nothin’ like a few good mules in the mornin’

Need some coffee?  Had a nightmare:  I was dreaming that our band concert and two other big events were the same week as VBS.  I was SOOOO stressed as I realized how overbooked we were — and I woke up with this horrible feeling of dread.  (I do have 2 other things scheduled the same week as VBS, but no band concert.  Not sure how that got in my dreams…)

That prompted a trip to the porcelain throne room.  (Thought I’d better clarify which throne room lest you think I was mature enough to take a nightmare to the Throne room of the LORD first.)

As I was arising from my duties, I heard the dogs barking rather strangely.  I pulled back the blinds to yell at them to shut up and I saw a group of long-eared equines in my yard.  I hollered, “Stay right there, little mulies and I’ll be out to get you!”

I guess they were not familiar with being called “little mulies” so they didn’t respond as I instructed.

I alerted the family — pretty much all of whom thought I was needing to have my glasses checked again — but the sounds of car horns honking as they drove by our house made them realize SOMETHING was amiss — so they, too, scampered around to get dressed.  We all hurried outside to introduce ourselves to our bunny-eared guests. 

I sidetracked the dogs with generous helpings of dogfood while the kids opened up fencing to put our guests in a safe place.  Our horses were curious but not very polite about the intrustion.  Once we penned them up, we used our deductive reasoning skills to figure out where they came from.  We knew we’d have to follow the clues.   We found one pile of clues on the road headed east….but no other clue piles could be found….so our guests are still here.

I’m wondering if last night’s storm caused some tree limbs to go down, allowing these mules to escape.  We’ve visited with our neighbors but haven’t come up with anything.  Sadly, they’re not very talkative — and I adore the sound of braying!  It always makes me smile! 

I looked over at hubby and the kids and said, “We always have so much fun, don’t we?”  They all groaned and walked away.  Sheesh….no sense of adventure.


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